Alx West

Multiplayer is here! So you’ve played the single-player demo, now try the demo multiplayer!


The games are designed to be played for short periods of time. The more complex the maze or the more players you have the longer the games can go on for.

To access multiplayer please first configure your game below and click on the link below to start playing. Feel free to play the game with your cohort by sharing the same link with them!

Configure your game

  • Capture the Flag: pit against each other by collecting all the pink fires if you've got a blue collar (or blue fires if you've got a red collar)
  • Hide & Seek: find those pesky blue collared cats and recruit them (by touch) to your side. Last cat standing hiding wins!

The size of the arena is up to you. Bear in mind the bigger the arena is the harder it'll be for folk with small screens (IE smart phones).

The more rooms your game has the more complex the maze. 2 is easy, 5 is OK, anything over 10 you might start getting lost.

The more twists you have the more complex (twisty) the labyrinth will get.

Flags in this game are the bright blue or red torches. Necessary for Capture the Flag, provides fun hints in Hide & Seek.

Different seeds mean different labyrinths.

Here's a map of your labyrinth to give you an idea of scale and complexity. Careful who you share it with!

Currently there are 0 kats playing this game! If you want a fresh game change the seed number above.

Click on the button below to copy the above link. Feel free to share it with your friends/audience/clowder!

If you need a reminder on what the controls are please take a look at our previous post


It’s a demo, it might break. But if it does please send an email